Celebrating 50 Watchers!

08 August 2012

Is it worth creating a blog, I wondered, for MSM. Well, the project has reached 50 watchers, now stars, on github, and I felt like celebrating that fact in some way.

After starting the project a few months ago I have nailed down a lot of the functionality I needed on my own servers. The input and testing contributed by others has acted as a fantasic motivator for the project.

Maybe check out the list of stargazers for MSM, and give it a star yourself if you would recommend it to others.

The release of Minecraft 1.3.1 has MSM needing a minor version update to accomodate all those changes. I (Marcus Whybrow) have recently begun a new Job, so I hope everyone will forgive me whilst I learn to ballance my responsibility to MSM with my hungar for money!