Server Layout

MSM is designed to get out of your way as much as possible. A server directory should look nearly exactly the same except for a few key changes.

  1. Create a worldstorage folder and move all your worlds into it.
  2. Optionally create the worldstorage_inactive folder for inactive worlds.

So a typical Bukkit server managed by MSM would look like this:

`- servers
   `- server_name
      |- plugins/
      `- worldstorage/
         |- world/
         |- world_nether/
         `- world_the_end/
      |- worldstorage_inactive/
      |- server.jar
      |- server.log
      |- ops.txt
      |- white-list.txt
      |- banned-ips.txt
      `- banned-players.txt

MSM expects to find your worlds in the worldstorage folder. This allows MSM to reliably determine which folders are worlds for making backups, moving worlds into RAM and other behind the scenes stuff.

Advanced: You can change the location MSM expects to find world using the msm-world-storage-path setting in your server’s file. See Configuration → Individual Server for more info.