Server Configuration

Default values which apply to all servers can be found in /etc/msm.conf under the heading “Server Defaults”. See Configuration → Global Settings intead for setitngs which apply to all servers.

If a server is not configured individually–and it does not have to be–global default values are used instead. You may however override these defaults for a particular server by editing its file found in the respective server directory, and adding any of the settings from the following sections.

Note: MSM’s default values are used for every unspecified option, so can be left completely unedited.

A Note on Paths

A setting ending -path accepts a relative or absolute path. Relative paths are appended to the location of the server directory. Neither absolute nor relative paths should end in a trailing slash, otherwise MSM will interpret them incorrectly.

Remember an absolute path is one that starts with a forwards slash, whereas a relative path does not.


These options cover starting the server in the way you want:

msm-username=                    # The linux user used to start the server
msm-version=                     # Set the Minecraft verion so MSM knows how to talk it's language **IMPORTANT**
msm-screen-name=                 # The name used to reference the screen session for this server
msm-world-storage-path=          # The directory (relative to the server directory) to store worlds in
msm-world-storage-inactive-path= # The directory to store unused worlds

msm-log-path=                    # The location of the Minecraft server log file
msm-whitelist-path=              # The location of the whitelist file
msm-banned-players-path=         # The location of banned players file
msm-banned-ips-path=             # The location of the banned ups file

msm-ops-path=                    # The location of the ops file
msm-jar-path=                    # The jar file (relative to the server directory) to launch
msm-ram=                         # The amount of RAM (in MBs) to dedicate to this server
msm-invocation=                  # The line called to start the server: you may use the tags "{JAR}" and
                                 # "{RAM}" in this string which will be replaced with the values from
                                 # the previous settings

Versioning Options

The msm-version setting is a code comprised of two parts: the server type, currently “minecraft” or “craftbukkit”, and then the dot separated version number (e.g. 1.3.1). For example msm-version=minecraft/1.3.1 or msm-version=craftbukkit/1.2.5.

MSM selects, using this code, the most appropiate included versioning file, so the previous examples might resolve to “minecraft/1.3.0” and “craftubukkit/1.2.0” respectively. These versioning files help MSM interact with differing Minecraft updates.

If you are running a unique server type, maybe Tekkit for instance, pick the closest available version. Or let me know, by creating an issue, that you think MSM should accomodate it.


When a server is going to stop, it’s nice to give users some time to finish up:

msm-stop-delay=                  # The delay between warning players and stopping the server
msm-restart-delay=               # The delay between warning players and restarting the server


When interruptions to the normal experience occur, it’s nice to give players some explanation:

msm-message-stop=                      # The message shown to players before stopping the server
msm-message-stop-abort=                # The message shown to players when a shut-down is aborted
msm-message-restart=                   # The message shown to players before restarting the server
msm-message-restart-abort=             # The message shown to players when a restart is aborted
msm-message-world-backup-started=      # The message shown to players when starting to backup server worlds
msm-message-world-backup-finished=     # The message shown to players when finished backing up server worlds
msm-message-complete-backup-started=   # The message shown to players when starting to backup the entire server
msm-message-complete-backup-finished=  # The message shown to players when finished backing up the entire server